F.A.A.D. Janitorial Inc.

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We offer the Best Quality and lowest prices!

F.A.A.D. Janitorial is a Woman Owned Janitorial Company Doing business in Northern Nevada since 1982.
F.A.A.D. Janitorial is a professional building maintenance company providing, Janitorial, Day Porter and Emergency services.
We specialize in Hard Floor maintenance, with verious methods including, Strip, Scrub, Restore, Cylindrical, Steam and Anti-static to name a few. We work with all types of flooring VCT, Rolled Linolium, Natural Stone, Polished Stone, Marble, Granite, Wood, Laminate, Rubber, Epoxy and cement.
F.A.A.D. Janitorial Professionaly cleans carpets for our commercial clients using verious methods including, Hot Extraction (Portable and Truck Mount), Roto-Vac carpet restoration, and Bonnet cleaning.
We own an Escalator cleaner for our customers as well as for on call service.
We have an extensive inventory of Janitorial, Floor, Carpet and Window equipment.
F.A.A.D. Janitorial has an Office and Warehouse in Sparks, fully stocked for any job large or small, with established employees.
F.A.A.D. Janitorial has long standing experience in sensitive buildings.
All of our employees have uniform shirts and company photo I.D.
We are able to meet the needs of our clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
We have Excelent Rrefrences with our many clients, public and private.
F.A.A.D. Janitorial has all of the Insurance, Bonds and Workman's Comp. Required to do business with the Federal Goverment, State, City, County and Private clients.
We are a long standing company in Northern Nevada, Since 1982
In these economic times we are here to help, if you have a janitorial service, or are thinking about more time for yourself and your family, or just a change for the better let us help you.
Feel free to contact us regarding any of your janitorial needs.
You can reach us at 775-351-2405 or fax at 775-351-2017 during office hours 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday,we answer our phone,no off site operators or machines,a real human is available to help you!
Call for Free Estimate, Let us do the Work for You